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This is the natural successor to the Site News Archive on the previous version of my website, which last saw an update way back in December 2015 – and even then I readily acknowledged that my website was "well overdue a revamp"! Now, in 2023 I've finally given it a massive overhaul; and while I've opted not to bring forward any of that old "Site News" (as it would have needed a lot of rewriting for it to make sense within this new website's structure), I hope I won't end up leaving things to stagnate for quite as long this time around.

That said, I've already found myself working behind the scenes to address a few long-standing bugs that had gone unnoticed – along with one or two that I may have introduced with the big update (don't tell anyone...) – and I'll continue to do this, so a lack of news here doesn't necessarily mean I'm neglecting things again!

Sunday, 15th October 2023

Monday, 28th August 2023

Tuesday, 15th August 2023