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My home on the Web


At present this is easily the smallest section of my website, comprising just two pages. However, I have a lot more in draft – and still in my head – than the short sample I offer here; I just need the time and energy to write it all down and make it fit for public consumption. But when I do, it will all be freely available right here: I write for pleasure, not for profit.

In the meantime, please enjoy the latest draft of the prologue to a naturism-themed novel that I've spent far too many years very slowly writing. The story centres around Charlotte Winters (Charlie to her friends), a teenage naturist who has grown increasingly bored of the restrictions placed upon her lifestyle both by her non-naturist parents and by the world in general. Not to mention that despite being well known as a naturist among all of her family and friends, none of them has ever shown any interest in trying it for themselves. Eventually, with the support of her friends and her cousin Stephen she starts to make her mark on the world, but nobody can predict just what sort of effect they'll all end up having.

Other naturist writers

I'm far from the only writer working in the realm of naturist fiction. Here are a few others who have actually completed and published something, and some of whose work I've enjoyed reading: