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Here you'll find the details of all the Peals (6), Half Peals (2) and Quarter Peals (274) in which I've participated – including the only one of my many performances (to my knowledge) for which a professionally signwritten peal board was produced. It's pictured below laying on a table in the Ringing Room at Bath Abbey shortly after delivery, and before being fixed onto the wall alongside others dating back hundreds of years.

Signwritten 'peal board' for a quarter peal at Bath Abbey on 18th October 2015 in which I participatedFor the benefit of anyone not au fait with the jargon, a Peal comprises around 5,040 changes (steps between different rows, in which the bells each sound once in turn) and usually takes about 3 hours to ring – non-stop. Half Peals and Quarter Peals are hopefully largely self-explanatory. So even if you haven't got a clue what Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles means, hopefully you'll be able to appreciate the significance of these performances, and – considering the amount of concentration and physical ringing involved – maybe also understand why I've rung far more Quarter Peals than anything else!

For a very basic introduction to some of the terminology used, you might find my article All About Quarter Peals to be of some help.