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My home on the Web


Today is Tuesday,
16th July 2024

Hi there! I'm Martin. Welcome to Lyndenlea – my home on the Web.

Here you'll find lots of information about me, what I do and why I do it. Everything is neatly filed into the following sections, each one more interesting than the last – but if you'd prefer a complete heirarchical list of pretty much every page feel free to go directly to the Site Map, or just check out What's New.

About Lyndenlea
If Lyndenlea is "my home on the Web" this is surely the front door. Find out about the history of the name, how it was immortalised in verse (albeit very indirectly and with a slight variation on the spelling), and a very tenuous link with an apple tree in my garden.
More About Me
Exactly what it says on the tin – if you want to find out about this anything-but-average (because quite frankly, who is?) 40-year-old guy who currently divides his time between his family, friends, and various hobbies and interests, this is definitely the place to go. Keep your mind open if you decide to venture in as I've pretty much let myself run wild.
Bell Ringing
By far the biggest part of my life for almost twenty-nine years; and while I've now retired from the hobby, my interest in it hasn't entirely waned. Read about my up's and down's (no pun intended) over the years, and enjoy the results of an extensive research project into church bells past and present in and around Bristol and southern Gloucestershire, plus a route-finder for any tower bell ringers who still eschew satellite navigation and that was probably out-of-date even before I published it.
The second of my major historical research projects, this time looking at roadside milestones. These sentinels of mileage are now slowly disappearing into the undergrowth, unused and rarely noticed by today's high-speed travellers. I've been out photographing and recording many of the milestones that remain around Bristol and Bath so you can see them all from the comfort of your own home.
The n Queens Problem
This project actually started out as a hidden gem in a dark corner of my old website. Here, my Dad Colin and I investigate the old Eight Queens Puzzle, teasing out answers to questions that nobody's thought to ask and expanding the puzzle beyond the standard 64-square chessboard. Check out my brilliant chessboard diagrams, all originally generated with pure HTML and CSS code.
I'm a bit of a writer when the mood takes me, and (among other things) I'm currently working on a naturism-themed novel – a short sample of which you'll find here. I've been writing stories in one form or another since I was at primary school, but it was only as an adult that I started writing more seriously.
Other Random Stuff
You've probably already worked out that I'm a highly organised individual who likes to have a place for everything and everything in its place. You may also know that such a philosophy only goes so far. Everyone needs somewhere to stash their miscellany, and for me that place is right here. I've set aside this part of my website as a repository for everything that won't fit in anywhere else, so consider this your first and last warning.

Finally, my Dad Colin also has his own website: Colin S Pearson's Photography. Why not pay him a visit too?