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Bristol Rural Branch
Aust (St John the Evangelist)

St John the Evangelist, Aust

Name or Dedication: St John the Evangelist

Location: Aust, Gloucestershire

Grid Reference: ST572890

Unringable; the bells are chimed from the ground floor.

The bells are hung in a Medieval three-bell frame. The whereabouts of the third bell is unknown, and there are rumours that there was once also a fourth.

The clock on the first floor strikes the hours on the tenor, and its dial is on the south wall of the tower.

Bells hung for full-circle ringing

The bells of St John the Evangelist, Aust
BellWeightDiameterNoteFounder Date
14 cwt 27 inD William Evans 1736
26 cwt 34 inC Charles & John Rudhall 1785

Source: Bell data and some information from Nick Bowden. Diameters from "The Church Bells of Gloucestershire" (Revd Henry Thomas Ellacombe, 1881). Inspected personally 30th May 2004.

Where the exact weight of a bell is known, it is given in the traditional way using the British imperial units of Hundredweight, Quarters and Pounds (cwt-qtr-lb) in which there are 28 pounds in a quarter, four quarters in a hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight in a ton (one hundredweight is equal to approximately 50.8 kilograms). However, if only an approximate or calculated weight is known, it is given to the nearest quarter of a hundredweight.

A bell's diameter is measured across its mouth (open end) at the widest point and is given in inches (to the nearest quarter of an inch), one inch being equal to approximately 2.54 centimetres.