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Other Random Stuff

Yep, here it is – my online equivalent of everyone's secret cupboard of junk where they keep unwanted presents, hideous ornaments passed down through the generations (at least, those that haven't been sold to pay for a trip to some tacky holiday resort – don't get me started), old kitchen gadgets, and all sorts of other bits and bobs that simply don't fit in with their current décor. I personally have had a number of such cupboards in real life, but just this one on the Internet, so let's start poking around in its darkest corners and see what we can find...

We'll begin with (of all things!) The Periodic Table. I know what you're thinking: why on earth would I publish that on my website? Well, it's pure indulgence on my part, I'm afraid. If you're not into Chemistry you might want to skip it as you'll have to scroll sideways to see it all.

I also found an equally-random but hopefully more interesting item in my Dad Colin's secret cupboard of stuff. For some reason, whenever I visit anyone who's having a clear-out I invariably end up bringing something home with me. Anyway, after initially sitting here for seven months it was moved into its own section of my website, so to those of you who are fascinated by numbers and puzzles (or even chess), why not check out our own angle on The n Queens Problem.

No doubt more random stuff will appear on this page over time as it worms its way towards the daylight. Ideas are always welcome – if it tickles my intellect enough and won't fit anywhere else on my website, I'll cobble together some information and publish it here.