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Stoke's Croft from Falfield
Mile 5


Milestone 5 on the route to Bristol from FalfieldNational Grid Reference: 360650, 181725

Location: Gloucester Road, Patchway, mounted onto a specially-built brick wall next to the bridge over the railway, near the roundabout with Highwood Road.

Date recorded: Sunday, 03 April 2011

Type of milestone: Iron Plate

Notes: Contrary to the adjacent plaque (the text of which is reproduced below) there was never a milestone on this exact site. It was in fact on the parapet of the adjacent railway bridge, and this is where a replica and plaque were erected in 1997, and where I first recorded them on Saturday, 18th August 2007. In 2008 a major programme of bridge strengthening works began that included the demolition of the attractive red and blue brick parapets. When the work was completed in June 2009 they had been replaced by a pair of comparatively ugly metal barriers styled to look like their predecessors and, sadly, there was no sign of the replica milestone and plaque.

From then on I made a point of detouring past the site when I could to see if either the milestone or its plaque had reappeared. Finally, on Friday, 11th March 2011 I spotted this new piece of wall that had been built alongside the road in the style of the former bridge parapet, evidently reusing some of the original blue engineering brick capstones, and thereupon were mounted the restored replica milestone and plaque. Far be it from me to criticise the thrown-together brickwork, the breeze-block reverse side or the untidy pointing – I've never laid a brick in my life – but I do think some care could have been taken to match the pattern of the old bridge's brickwork, if not even to reuse some of the original bricks. And I'm sure the decision to site this edifice on entirely the opposite side of the carriageway from where the replica milestone used to be – facing the northbound traffic heading away from Bristol, no less – was made for a very good reason.

The photograph on this page was chosen deliberately to show the installation in its entirety. So, for the benefit of those of us without superhuman eyesight, the text on the plaque reads as follows (not in facsimile):
"This is a replica of the original milestone on this site. It was erected in 1997 by Patchway Local History Group with funding from Avon County Council"