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Nether Gate from Christian Malford
Mile 5

Milestone 5 on the route to Bristol from Christian MalfordNational Grid Reference: 366450, 176150

Location: B4465 Cossham Street, Mangotsfield, built into the churchyard wall at the junction with St James Street.

Date recorded: Monday, 06 August 2007

Type of milestone: Iron Plate (Missing) on Stone

Notes: This milestone seems to have been somewhat forgotten over the years. Immediately to its right stands a rusty green General Post Office (GPO) telephone exchange, and the post of a road name sign has been thoughtlessly erected in front of it. Indeed, despite having lived in Mangotsfield for most of my life and walked past it countless times, until I actually looked for it as part of this research project (and then I almost missed it), I never even knew it existed.