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GWR (Bath Spa) Railway Station from Weston Park
Mile 1

1 MILE[]

Milestone 1 on the route to Bath from Weston ParkNational Grid Reference: 373825, 165650

Location: Weston Road, Bath, built into a wall on the south-western corner of the junction with Park Lane, opposite the north-western entrance to Royal Victoria Park.

Date recorded: Friday, 08 August 2008

Type of milestone: Inscribed Stone

Notes: The wall into which this milestone has been built is between a pair of what appear to be gateway pillars, indicating that this part of the wall isn't original. There is also some wear and possibly damage evident on the left-hand side of the milestone, which suggests it has been moved. My own theory is that it once adorned the lower part of the right-hand gateway pillar (in front of which now stands a signpost), which would explain the damage to the left-hand edge of the stone, and that it was moved to its present location some three feet above the ground to protect it from further damage.

Regarding the lettering (which incidentally is lead-filled), it is clear that a letter-sized section has been removed from the end of the word "MILE", possibly a plural "S"; however, there is no sign of the mileage itself ever having been changed, so perhaps this extra letter was a mistake.