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Guildhall from Bradford-on-Avon
Mile 1

A route unknown to me until, quite by chance, I passed the Mile 1 milestone. Two further milestones once stood on Claverton Down Road and Brassknocker Hill, but I've been unable to find either. Curiously, although the earliest Ordnance Survey map clearly marks the Brassknocker Hill milestone as "Bath 3, Bradford 4", I can find no trace of the route continuing beyond the Somerset–Wiltshire border.

1 Mile
from the

Milestone 1 on the route to Bath from Bradford-on-AvonNational Grid Reference: 376000, 164025

Location: Widcombe Hill, Bath, built into the front garden wall of Greenlea, a short distance up the hill (and on the opposite side of the road) from the gateway to Crowe Hall.

Date recorded: Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Type of milestone: Iron Plate on Stone

Notes: Whilst driving around Bath on 31st August 2014 looking for the hillside row of houses I could see from the top of Keynsham church tower (which turned out to be Prospect Road), I happened to spot this fine specimen at the side of the road. I returned three days later to photograph it and quickly realised the metal plate is a replica – the original would have had an "I" (uppercase letter "i") rather than a "1", and comparing it to similar original examples elsewhere in Bath (such as this one on the A4 London Road) also reveals key differences in the typeface. Nevertheless, it's great to see it in such good condition.