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For each performance, following the tower's name and location are given the number of bells in the tower and the weight and strike note of the Tenor (the heaviest bell in the ring). Where the exact weight of the Tenor is known it is given in the traditional way using the British imperial units of Hundredweight, Quarters and Pounds (cwt-qtr-lb) in which there are 28 pounds in a quarter, four quarters in a hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight in a ton (one hundredweight is approximately equal to 50.8 kilograms); otherwise it is estimated to the nearest quarter of a hundredweight.

If not all of the bells in the tower were used for a particular performance – such as when ringing six bells at an eight-bell tower – it should be assumed that the ringing took place on the heaviest or "back" bells, unless the footnote to the performance states otherwise.

Note that my own name appears in bold text for no other reason than to make it easier to spot.

Sorted by Year

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For full details of a particular performance, simply click on its ID number (in the left-most column).

IDPer YearDate Tower No. of Changes Method Time TakenBell ConductorNo. Cond'dPer Year
1109 Oct 2011 St John the Baptist, Keynsham, Somerset (8, 24-3-27 in D)5058Cambridge Surprise Major3 hr 16 min 6/8Robert Perry......
2114 Jan 2012 Cathedral Church of St Andrew, Wells, Somerset (10, 56-1-14 in C)5021Grandsire Caters3 hr 28 min 3/10Thomas N Longridge......
3129 Jun 2013 St Peter, Marksbury, Somerset (6, 10 cwt in G)5040Mixed Doubles (7 methods)2 hr 48 min 2/6Robert Perry......
4230 Nov 2013 All Saints, Farmborough, Somerset (6, 9-0-10 in F)5040Cambridge Surprise Minor2 hr 43 min 4/6Robert Perry......
5127 Feb 2016 St Saviour, Coalpit Heath, Gloucestershire (8, 10-0-06 in G)5152Superlative Surprise Major2 hr 55 min 4/8Keith W Scudamore......
6223 Apr 2016 St John the Baptist, Keynsham, Somerset (8, 24-3-27 in D)5040Grandsire Triples3 hr 8 min 7/8R William Willans......