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My Ringing Career

I've had a long and varied ringing career that quite literally spans the centuries, so I've divided this page into more manageable chunks. It should hopefully go without saying that the final part brings my ringing career right up to date as of the time of writing. Enjoy!

N.B. It won't be hard to spot that "the time of writing" was more than eleven years ago. I do have copious notes ready to be assembled into more parts to bring this page to its conclusion – now that I've retired from ringing – and having finally completed the general overhaul of my website (which itself was long overdue), writing and publishing those final parts has floated much closer to the top of my 'to-do' list.

The First Ten Years
From my very first lesson in March 1993 to the early part of 2003.
Published 17th December 2006
Highs and Lows
The various milestones and dry spells that took me into 2006.
Published 17th December 2006
Sticking My Oar In
Starting to make my presence felt within the local Associations.
Published 4th April 2007
Giving Something Back
How I got into teaching bell-handling and ended up with my very own tower.
Published 28th October 2009
From Strength to Strength
My first two years as a Tower Captain, lots of Quarter Peals and my very first Peal.
Published 4th December 2011