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I see myself as having been a "serious" naturist since just before Christmas 2002, and only then while in the relative privacy of my own home. But as I think about it I remember more and more times when I've found myself thinking about – and even trying – naturism without really knowing anything about it. My First Time tells of my first real naturist experience, and how I "revealed all" (though not literally!) to my family and friends. Also, My Naturist Philosophy outlines my thoughts on naturism in general and what it means to me.

Clearly, the majority of naturists can't enjoy being nude in our everyday lives, however much we might want to. But there are ways in which we can enjoy at least some of the benefits without too much risk of offending anyone or being arrested, while still feeling like we're making a difference to the public perception of the naked human body. One such way is Barefoot Living, simply the practice of wearing nothing on your feet. I discovered its joys in 2007, and have written here about my experiences and the reactions of those around me.

I did a lot of reading online before deciding that naturism was for me – as with any new subject, I felt it was important to get a wide range of opinions. One feature of many naturist websites is (or at least, used to be) the "first time experiences" sent in by naturists from all over the world. Apart from allowing people to share often humourous anecdotes, these accounts also go some way towards helping budding naturists take their own first steps into the nude world, giving them the courage to share their new interest – or lifestyle, in many cases – with their family and friends.

Inspired partly by those "first time" articles, I've spent far too many years very slowly writing a naturism-themed novel. It's currently very unfinished and I'm still yet to settle on a title, although I do have a pretty good idea of how it's all going to pan out. In the meantime, in the Writing section of my website I offer the latest draft of the Prologue as a short sample of my work for you to read. I make no promises about when or even if I'll ever finish it, so this might be all anyone will get. But I do hope to finish it at some point... watch this space!